Amdgpu - reboot when starting squareline


I’m on a lenovo t14 gen 4 AMD, with Debian 12 as desktop.
I’ve compiled my own kernel on this thing (6.6.7) to get the latest AMDGPU drivers.

I do have some issue with the GPU. When connecting an external (4k) monitor, i get issues quickly. On the laptop itself it’s fairly stable, although i do get the odd crash.

In most cases, the “crash” means that gdm restarts. Sometimes the machine reboots.
It’s supper annoying because i’d like to have a stable laptop. What was more annoying is that it wasn’t predictable as well, so i had no lead to start troubleshooting this.

Now, i started working on a little lvgl hobby project and i wanted to check out squareline studio.

Low and behold, i now have a reproduction for a reboot :slight_smile:

When i start squareline, it starts loading and then my laptop reboots.

Now, i don’t blame squareline for this at all, because I think it’s the amdgpu drivers.
However - how would i approach debugging/troubleshooting this to get to a point where my laptop runs fine :slight_smile:

It’s probably a Linux Unity-player engine vs GPU-driver related issue. If you share here or send the ~/.config/unity3d/SquareLine Kft_/SquareLine_Studio/Player.log file to us ( ) it might reveal some more detailed info that can help to find the problem. ( log-file info: Troubleshooting | SquareLine Studio )

After upgrading the bios, and upgrading to the 6.7.1 kernel, i’m able to use squareline as expected!

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