Application crash... lost everything except asset folder items

I was updating an item on the screen when the application crashed. When I restarted/reloaded the application the screen I have working on for the past four days is gone. The assets folder is still showing all icons, fonts and images etc… however the complete screen and hierarchy with all widgets etc are gone! I am pulling my hair out right now… absolutely disappointed. I was initially impressed with this application but now after losing all my work… thumbs down. The only thing I can think of to do right now is reverse engineering all the widget info from the Arduino project to recreate the gui… sigh!!!

What do you want to achieve? I want recover my project and the changes and updates for the past four days

What have you tried so far? restarting the application multiple times

Screenshot or video


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Boy and what your backup folder zips?

Sorry to hear that, I guess you can try some kind of File Recovery software to see if deleted files by crashed SLS can be restored.

I’m also sorry to hear that.

You can really use the backup folder to find a working version.

Could you send logs as described here?

I found the backup folder with the zip files; however the last backup was created after the crash and the one before that was from a couple days earlier. I was able to recover/recreate the screen by starting a new project and adding the widgets using the exported screen ‘c’ source file as a guide. It was a little painstaking to do but I am happy that I was able to eventually recreate the screen with all the widget parameters and alignment values taken from the exported ‘c’ source file. Now, I do a save before each export just in case the export operation crashes the application again.

Last a backup was the empty project and the one before that was from a couple days earlier. I recreated the screen using the exported source files. Now I do a save of the project before each export operation.