Best way to create table, list, similar

I was really hoping we would have the table widget by now. Here’s what I need:

Some sort of table, list, etc, I’m going to be reading a bunch of files, and want to dynamically display the file names. There may be up to 200-500 or so. I’ve been debating whether to manually create, style, position, etc a list or table, but it seems like a pain if there’s a way to do it through SLS. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks

There’s no simple list widget in SquareLine Studio. You can either create a list with pre-created/stylized dynamic entries (of components) in code, create a list-widget in code, or you can create/style/position a dropdown-widget (closest to a list in working) and get its encapsulated list-widget lv_dropdown_get_list(dropdown), and use that, or the direct dropdown-functions add the filenames as ‘options’. You can set the dropdown’s size and open it automatically on screen-loading with lv_dropdown_open() with C code.