Board Template for LilyGo S3 AMOLED

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I was looking for a board template but could not find one. I finally managed to create one by following the Open Board Platform guidelines. However, I cannot upload here since I am a new user. Will try again later :slight_smile

But one only has to download zip file and extract the LilyGo folder with the subfolders and files to the “boards” folder in SquareLine Studio working folder, normally something like: Users\USERNAME\SquareLine\boards
A new category “LilyGo” will appear when you want to create a new project. Just follow the normal “create project” guidelines.


  • **SquareLine Studio version: 1.4.1 **
  • **Operating system: MacOS **
  • Target hardware: LilyGo S3 AMOLED
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I created a GitHub repo

You can change the template source code if you need more features or just download the “LilyGo” folder and do as in my first posting.

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Thank you for sharing, we are happy to have OBP board templates shared with us!