Code generation not producing project code

What do you want to achieve?

Generate code for my project

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Use Export Project drop down menu

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  • SquareLine Studio version:1.05
  • Operating system:Fedora 32
  • Target hardware:STM32H745i-disco

I’ve created a 4 page GUI using the trial licence which has now expired so I’ve registered and now have a personal licence.

When I export the project, I get a generated directory structure with the lvgl core code and examples, but no sign of anything to do with my project or any of the images.

I’ve tried the same process with the Thermostat project with exactly the same result.

Any ideas?

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It is a two stage process! Create the project with Export Project, and then you need to “Export File” to populate the ui folder.

Not really intuitive, but at least the in the exported project explained the process.

Thanks all

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Probably it should show a popup to “don’t forget to export the UI files into the project”.