ESP32 Display SUNTON flickering

What do you want to achieve?

Compile any LVGL Demo without flickering.

What have you tried so far?

Arduino IDE 2.x and latest Arduino_GFX and LVGL and all demos are able to compile but screen flickers. The precompiled binary from vendor works fine. I have two of them and all the same problem. No idea what to fix.

Screenshot or video


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.23
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Target hardware: ESP32-4827S043 board from SUNTON

Can you send a video about the flickering? It’d help a lot the figure out what can be the root of the problem.


Not easy to see. One pixel is on, the next is off.

The display is okay.

Please see attached video.

Or not. I’m not allowed to upload video. I’m new.

Can you allow to upload video?

I’ve increased your trust level. Now you should be able to upload videos.

It’s really hard to see :slight_smile: So every second pixel is incorrect? If so, I think it’s a mismatch between LVGL’s and the display driver’s color depth configuration. E.g. the display driver somehow works with 32 bit data, but LVGL is configured to 16 bit (LV_COLOR_DEPTH),

What is interesting here is that in these cases usually the colors are messed up as well.

Hi. I compare the values. My project is coded by an external guy and the same code is running correct if he compile it and if I compile it flickers. Library’s have same version. And the demos also flickers when I compile it. The same as binary works fine.
There must be an (simple?) problem. Color depth is possible. I can check tomorrow.

Another video with my two identical displays. One is self compiled and the other is demo binary from seller.

I am unsure what the problem is.
I compared the display settings but it flickers.
What is the driver model? LVGL relies on GFX and then also TFT_eSPI?

It’s up to the implementation. You can use any libraries you wish.

Yes, of course. I just can not find the error and also the manufacturer writes only that it works with him. I am a bit at a loss. As a test I take LVGLWIDGETS and it flickers…Sorry. Is not your problem. But for 4 weeks I try and just can not find it. Have also tried another PC, other Arduino version and various libraries. It flickers.
It should be a project to sell and so of course it is not functional…
The problem must be fundamental that also the demos have the same problem as my own project.

I’m sorry to hear that, it’s really painful…

What I suggest is trying out the driver without LVGL. Just fill a rectangle in the middle of the display with red and see what happens.

Yes…it flickers. try without LVGL. But i know it can run without flickering. Perhaps it is not flickering but an problem of redraw… If you see from buttom up…in an angle.

If you see the problem without LVGL too, unfortunately I can’t help much. :frowning:

I’d check the pixel clock config of the TFT, if it’s too slow or fast it can cause similar issues.

Sorry to come a bit late to this party. I recently got the same model from Sunton Store to become a bit of a smart home remote control. After unpacking the preinstalled widget demo showed fine. Then I ported the widget demo project from being an Arduino .ino file to . According to @kisvegabor descriptions in LVGL I changed the somewhat older lines of gfx initialisation to:

// option 1:
// Uncomment for ILI6485 LCD 480x272
Arduino_ESP32RGBPanel *rgbpanel = new Arduino_ESP32RGBPanel(
    40 /* DE */, 41 /* VSYNC */, 39 /* HSYNC */, 42 /* PCLK */,
    45 /* R0 */, 48 /* R1 */, 47 /* R2 */, 21 /* R3 */, 14 /* R4 */,
    5 /* G0 */, 6 /* G1 */, 7 /* G2 */, 15 /* G3 */, 16 /* G4 */, 4 /* G5 */,
    8 /* B0 */, 3 /* B1 */, 46 /* B2 */, 9 /* B3 */, 1 /* B4 */,
    0 /* hsync_polarity */, 8 /* hsync_front_porch */, 4 /* hsync_pulse_width */, 43 /* hsync_back_porch */,
    0 /* vsync_polarity */, 8 /* vsync_front_porch */, 4 /* vsync_pulse_width */, 12 /* vsync_back_porch */,
    1 /* pclk_active_neg */, 9000000 /* prefer_speed */);

Arduino_RGB_Display *gfx = new Arduino_RGB_Display(
    480 /* width */, 272 /* height */, rgbpanel);

After that I had a working project with flickering. So I simply disabled the first row of inputs disabling DE by setting it to 0. No idea what DE does.

-    40 /* DE */, 41 /* VSYNC */, 39 /* HSYNC */, 42 /* PCLK */,
+     0 /* DE */, 41 /* VSYNC */, 39 /* HSYNC */, 42 /* PCLK */,

What shall I say, no more flickering.

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One more thing: Does someone in here know where to order a nice case für the 7" Sunton board? With my setup I’d prefer one for to put it on my table, so a tilted one would be nice. Currently I have the whole thing assembled into a Lego case which doesn’t perfectly fit. :slight_smile:

FYI: ESP32-4827S043 board from SUNTON - Flickers · moononournation/Arduino_GFX · Discussion #291 · GitHub

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