Generic usage of assets to support storage in filesystem

What do you want to achieve?

I want to store assets (images, fonts) in a filesystem on a seprate flash on the target. LVGL supports this approach with its filesystem abstraction module (File system — LVGL documentation) in combination with loading ressources by path specification instead of ressource-pointers (Image (lv_img) — LVGL documentation)

Do you see alternative options and workaround to achieve it?

It looks like SquareLine Studio currently doesn not support this functionality yet, as the generate code always references the code-generated assets. I currently need to manually modify the generated code to load the ressource from FS.
It would be one soluation if SquareLine allows two separate definitions of the assets. One for direct usage of the asset and its generated ressource and a second defintion for a reference to a filesystem. The user can adjust code-generate by an according checkbox in the export settings.

Optionally, the export could also generate some information on the asset mapping, which might be useful for userspecific generation of filesystem images.

Mention some use cases

I assume it is a very common use case for a lot of especailly small embedded devices to put the assets onto a separate flash (e.g. SPI-Flash). LVGL generally supports this approach, so should SquareLine Studio do as well.

It was requested multipele times in the near past, so we added this to our roadmap.

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