High GPU load with SLS

I noticed that if I fire up SLS, my GPU jump to 80% of the load and when I´m using SLS for a while it is around 65 - 70% of the load, even when is SLS idle and I do not do any changes in it.

I think that SLS is made in Unity so could there be made some optimization?

I compare it to Corel 2020 and that one uses about 30% of the GPU when I´m using it (drawing circles, rectangles, etc.) and when is idle there is no load at GPU.

I understand that those apps are competaly different, but I woudl guess that load usage would be pretty same.

I´m using Nvidia Quadro K420.

Does have anybody else same or similar GPU load?

I am on Windows 10 x64 using an Nvidia RTX 3090 FE. GPU usage depends upon the project. To be consistent, I opened the audio_mixer example, and my GPU usage is 24%. When SLS is in the background, GPU usage is 16%. This is GPU usage of SLS using Task Manager.

We also this issue. It was much better when we tested it last time so probably a switch was turned on/off by accident. We are looking into this.

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Just to report back on v1.0.3, GPU usage has gone to 0% with the audio_mixer example. Good job! This will make a big difference in battery life for laptops.

Cool! :sunglasses:
Thanks for the feedback!