How to achieve repetition of ui groups?

What do you want to achieve?

I have a project with 10 channels of controls. Each channel may have the same 4 or more widgets that determine its state. I’m happy to manually layout and adjust 1 channel as the project develops, but if I have to repeat this 9 more times, it will do me in.
Ideally there will be a way to achieve this programmatically, but having a good workflow for this is asking a lot of Squareline Studio, I realise.
I’d be very grateful to know how people work with a situation like I have.
Thanks for any hints or comments!

The usual way to do it right in SquareLine Studio is first making a component out of your widget-group for a single channel, then you can instantiate this component 10 times, and you can make slight modifications (like channel name/number) to them one-by-one (or programmatically in the exported LVGL-code). But let’s see what others are about to say…

The “Component” encapsulation goes a long way towards what I’m after…
Didn’t see that until you mentioned it, thanks.

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