How to correctly reference components and their children

maybe object need cast i see underscore in error

Please try this. Do you also see the error?

Found the problem. My code is in C++ and ui_comp.h does not have extern "C" {}. I can see that @Caipifrosch is using a .cpp file so it might be the same problem.

Ahhh, thank you for the feedback! We will fix it in the next version.

I got the same error message, and when i added #error "test" to ui_comp.c it really didn’t return an error so i assume that it doesn’t get compiled.
Where is is supposed to be included so it will compile?

Do you use v1.3.0? If so note that the directory structure of the exported code has been changed, so be sure to recursively add the content of all exported folder to files to build.

If you tell what IDE/build system you use probably I can help more.