How to create project which doesn't match any of the project templates

What do you want to achieve?

I’m using an external LCD touch panel with esp-wrover-kit in an esp-idf build enironment. I followed an elecrow youtube tutorial for arduino with this setup which worked. But now using the expressif wrover-kit as a starting point, I find I can’t override the screen size for starters. I’m a bit lost at this point. Do I need to edit the wrover-kit obp files and make a new entry in squareline/boards? Is there a tutorial somewhere for what I doing?

Yes, you need to edit the resolution in the Wrover kit’s OBP slb file (in boards folder) or create a new board-template. To allow doing the resolution changeable from within SquareLine Studio, you need to set maximum resolution bigger and the minimum resolution smaller than the default resolution.