How to get all pictures in assets added to project export even though not used immediately in UI?

I am working on a project that for one section will be displaying images for navigation based off information sent by bluetooth from a phone. I have a screen set up with an area for the images to display and all of the images that could be displayed (upon calling from info from bluetooth) added to the assets, but since they are not in use in the UI (except one), when I export the project, only one of the images is exported. I will be using the arduino code to make a call to display the required image into the image box, but I need all of the images exported into the same format. LVGL has an image converter, but when I have tried it and looked at the code it looks nothing like the code exported by Squareline studio.

The alternative is to have all of the images created in the same space on the UI and hide/show them, but there are about 30 different images and this seems like a poor and complicated way to do this

SquareLine Studio has its own built-in image conversion routine to provide the images that are consumed by LVGL, so yes, they’re a bit different from the online converter’s format. Unfortunately recently there seemed to be changes in LVGL’s online converter even for LVGL8 variant (e.g. RGB565A8). Still if you want you might try to use the online image converter, this should produce pictures that your LVGL code can use, in the format specified by LVGL.
Creating all of the images in SquareLine Studio and hiding all but one that is shown by default, seems a good solution for me if you want all pictures to be made by SquareLine Studio’s built-in converter. Later in the code you can hide the image which you want to show…