How to restore with Autosave and backup

I’ve been quite frustrated when using Squareline, On one hand it is extremely useful but on the other it seems surprisingly buggy and not well designed. For example, Ive spent time working on a project and upon restarting squareline, many changes were gone. So I’ve gotten into the habit of saving every time I export. However I had Sqaureline up and running for several days and hit the Save button constantly, my computer restarted and again the project is loading in a state it was several days ago missing all kinds of changes. So now my code is setup for all those changes and creates a ton of work to get it to compile again. I constantly see the auto-save notification but since I couldn’t figure out how to restore it last time, I didn’t rely on it and saved at each export. I’d like to figure out how to restore an autosave and or backup. In the library/ui folder I still have all the screens etc that were exported. Is there anyway I can restore one of these auto-save and/or backup files?

Restoring to auto-save states would simply be done by extracting the spj project-files from the zip-files in the project’s ‘autosave’ folder, overwriting the original spj file with one of them. It’s strange what you write above, that saved modifications disappear from the project, there might be a problem with saving, at least I can’t recall reports like this. (Anyway, AFAIK the next release of SquareLine will focus on stability, fixing all possibly remaining issues.)