How to see my project on another PC

I finished my project on PC A,now I want to continue develope it on PC B,I login with the same account,but can’t see How to see my project on another PC.

The licenses are bound to a PC, however you can transfer a license to an other PC 3 times in a year.

In File->Preferences you can Revoke the license from PC A, and then you can use it on PC B.

At in you profile under the Licenses menu you can see how many revokes do you still have. If you need something special, like more revokes, please contact us here.

Sure,I can login after revoke the liscense on PC A,and login with the same account on PC B,but my project dose not exist on it.

The project is stored on the given PC and not in the cloud.

So you can simply copy the project folder from one PC to the other and import it on the launcher screen of SLS.

Ok,Will future updates support more widgets and create a new one by myself just like by coding?

Yes, the goal of the next release is to add more widgets.

In SLS you can use the component editor to create custom widgets. Of course, it’s not as flexible as coding but you can do a lot of things with that.

Great,when will the next version be released?And then,Whether each update of SLS is compatible with the latest LVGL version?

In the next version we add an option to select LVGL version. Now SLS works with LVGL v8.2.

I can’t tell a deadline for the next release at this moment, but I’ll keep you updated when we know more.

Thanks,as an offical tool,I hope SLS should be the most popular LVGL code-generator

Thanks. I hope too :sweat_smile: