How to set Label from Roller selected

Hw to set a label to selected roller item?

I have looked around in the events section, but could not find the solution. I was able to do this on an arc, but not on a roller.

Thanks a lot for your advice in advance.

Unlike with arc/slider, there’s no special action for updating text from roller option in SquareLine Studio currently (but it might be added later). You can actually change the label to a fixed text when a roller value is selected (‘VALUE_CHANGED’ trigger) by using ‘SET_PROPERTY’/‘LABEL’ action, but to set the it dynamically to the roller’s selected option it should be done in code afterwards in the value-changed event by lv_label_set_text() function with the text-source given by lv_roller_get_selected_str() described at Roller (lv_roller) — LVGL documentation