How would you create a "Back" button that leads to to variable screens?

I’m trying to have it done directly in Squareline (if possible) to have multiple pages lead you to this error screen, or other simple screens. when you press “OK” it should lead you back to the page you were at before.

Its easy to do for a specific page. But what if multiple screens lead you to the same error page, and you must return to the one you were in before?

There arent really any variables in Squareline.
If only there was and i could set it to “CurrentPage = Page1”, then the OK button would switch the page to CurrentPage. Perhaps theres some hacky way to do it?

Currently my DIY Fix is to have multiple “Back/OK” buttons, all invisible, with their own event leading to a specific page. Depending who calls for the error page, a certain Back button is made visible/unhidden. Really primitive but i am only an UI designer and i do not code.

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We have been thinking for long on a BACK function event, which drives you back to the screen you were before. We have take it up on our list, thank you for sharing!

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Have you considered just some kind of variables?

I used the Nextion editor before, somewhat similar GUI editor.
You could put global (accessible by all ) or local variables (accessible only by current page)
It would be easy with the current event setup you’ve got to go write on to a variable the same way you write on an object’s parameters.

Then would just need to add in the event section ObjectValue = Variable.

It would open up so many possibilities directly within squareline. Of course im sure its easier said than done but if ever its possible to implement that, it would be nice to have for those who cannot code so well.

Absolutely! Thanks for your inputs, we will be working on this in the next weeks!