Keep original Image Names

Currently the exported image names get changed to seemingly random names such as ui_img_260456555_data. Can we have a setting to keep the original name? I need to load images at runtime and can’t reliably pick the correct ones.

It shouldn’t happen. The name of the image variables should be created from the PNG’s filename. Are there non-ASCII characters in the image file names?

No unusual charaacters. Here are a few examples.

// IMAGE DATA: assets\icon_conditions_thunderstorm-24x24.png
const LV_ATTRIBUTE_MEM_ALIGN uint8_t ui_img_260456555_data[] = {

// IMAGE DATA: assets\icon_humidity-24x24.png
const LV_ATTRIBUTE_MEM_ALIGN uint8_t ui_img_282688504_data[] = {

// IMAGE DATA: assets\icon_pressure-24x24.png
const LV_ATTRIBUTE_MEM_ALIGN uint8_t ui_img_865334226_data[] = {

it seems like having a dash (“-”) in the filename causes this. Not sure why that would be considered a restricted character. Maybe it’s a bug?

The file name and variable name will be the same, and - can’t be used in variable names. In this case SLS generates a hash for the file name.

So you should replace - with _.

Got it. Thank you.