Lilygot T-display S3 Pro touch and T-display S3 OBP

Hi, I want to share the OBP for LilyGO’s T-Display S3 Pro Touch and T-Display S3. The IDE is set up easy for PlatformIO. I’m not very good in explaining, but I shared some video on my youtube.

for code check my git : GitHub - nishad2m8/T-Display-S3-YT
or GitHub - nishad2m8/T-Display-S3-Pro-YT

Share your suggestions. thanks


Thank you very much nishad2m8 for sharing it here.

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Thank you… :innocent:

Now i got 2 more lilygo display. I almost finished OBP for T-RGB. For this board no need to generate lvgl & lv_conf.h. now its generating lv_conf.h cause compiling error. How to fix it ?


    "version": "v1.0.0",
    "group": "LilyGo",
    "title": "T-RGB",
    "width": 480,
    "height": 480,
    "min_width": 480,
    "min_height": 480,
    "max_width": 480,
    "max_height": 480,
    "offset_x": 0,
    "offset_y": 0,
    "rotation": 0,
    "shape": "circle",
    "color_depth": "16",
    "lvgl_export_path": "./trash",
    "lvgl_include_path": "",
    "language": "C",
    "supported_lvgl_version": "8.3.*",
    "pattern_match_files": "./libraries/lv_conf.h, ./ui/ui.ino",
    "ui_export_path": "./libraries/ui/src",
    "url": "",
    "short_description": "LilyGo T-RGB with LVGL",
    "long_description": "This board configuration is for the LilyGo T-RGB",
    "repository": ""

You can simply leave lvgl_export_path empty not to export lvgl library. If you don’t want lv_conf.h either, you can omit it from the board-template and hopefully it won’t be generated then. (But lv_conf.h one level below ui folder is usually good to have because other than size-14 montserrat fonts get enabled there by the UI export.)

Thank you :+1:. now everything working as expected.

"lvgl_export_path": "",
"pattern_match_files": "./libraries/LV_Helper/lv_conf.h, ./ui/ui.ino",

before the issue was #define LV_USE_FS_POSIX 1 change to 0 i don’t know why. maybe i use wrong lv_conf file

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I guess you don’t have POSIX support on that device, so it’s better leaving it at 0. If you need filesystem-support, STDIO, FATFS, LittleFS are the candidates, but no need to turn them on in the board-template, SquareLine Studio will turn them on in lv_conf.h when image-exports are set as so…