LV_FONT_DECLARE macro is causes compile issue

Every time I export the UI to code, I get an error about conflicting types of LV_FONT. I’m on LV Version 8.3.3.

I believe this is because LV_FONT_DECLARE is fixed to this:

#define LV_FONT_DECLARE(font_name) extern const lv_font_t font_name;

while the actual font declaration is set like this:

#if LV_VERSION_CHECK(8, 0, 0)
const lv_font_t ui_font_Big_Number = {
lv_font_t ui_font_Big_Number = {


  • **SquareLine Studio version: 1.2.0
  • **Operating system: Windows
  • **Target hardware: ESP32-S3 - ESPIDF

It seems consistent to me. With LVGL v8 const lv_font_t ui_font_Big_Number = { is enabled and extern const lv_font_t font_name uses the same type.

Am I missing something?