Opening Several projects/Missing Widgets


  1. Today I tried to open two GUI projects at the same time (for example to compare them), however it’s not possible. I tried to fix it by opening two instances of the SquareLine, however the second instance was not showing the screen correctly.

  2. Some LVGL widgets are missing

  3. Please add something like “Fit to screen” in the zoom section

It’s not supported now, but it was already asked. We are thinking about a solution.

We are on it. See Missing Meter and Line Widget - #4 by SquareLine_Support

Which widgets do miss the most?

I agree, and it’s easy to add. We will add it in the next release.


Also add a feature that a user is able to move the screen by holding the right click and move, something like a hand that appears when the user right clicks on the screen. it makes the screen movement easy, specially while somebody has zoomed in and he wants to check around a bit

Which widgets do miss the most?

What you did for styles, images and configuration are amazing, that’s what makes this software quite unique, my comment regarding more widgets was general. It’s not in priority when such nice features are present

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You can move (pan) the screen area by pressing the middle button of the mouse.

Thank you! :slight_smile: