Resize the horizontal scroll bar

What do you want to achieve?

Would like a bigger (taller?), easier to click horizontal scroll bar

Do you see alternative options and workaround to achieve it?

Maybe a click and drag option so you can “swipe” between screens in SquareLine Studio? Or I could use a touchpad instead of a mouse I suppose

Mention some use cases

I know this has been mentioned in the past but I really think increasing the thickness of the horizontal scrollbar would help out. Not as worried about the vertical scrolling since mice have scroll wheels, but the horizontal scroll bar is so thin and hard to pinpoint. If you have created many screens and need to go back and forth between them, it’s a pain :')

I agree. On my screen I have to click and drag just above the scroll bar. Clicking the actual scoll bar doesn’t work.

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It’s already fixed in the new version which will be released still in this year.

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