Screen Export Function

What do you want to achieve?

Function to export any screen from the project and the ability to import on another project.

Do you see alternative options and workaround to achieve it?

No workarounds that im aware of.

Mention some use cases

Duplication of assets aready in another project without having to re-write the screen from scratch.


I would love to see that function. I run into this problem myself. A lot of extra work to build the same thing in a different project. An export/import of screen would simplify things and save a lot of time.

We will discuss it internally tomorrow.

Would also love this function, its really helpful if you have similar projects


We found a solution that can be done with the currently existing features too.

  1. Create a transparent screen sized container on the screen and put all te elements into it.
  2. Select this container and convert it to component
  3. Copy the component file into the project where your want to reuse the screen
  4. Create an instance of the component in the new project
  5. Optionally “Detach” the component

Could this workflow work for you?

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Yes that would work for me

Works, its a bit more involved, but doable.
I think it gets the job done, would be cool to see something maybe in future release that makes it kind of a “one click” thing and possibly even the option to select which components that you want to import in the event you dont want them all in a new project. Just a thought…

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Thanks, it works as an interim solution but as others said it would be nice to have a less tedious work flow. At least it does the job done for now.