Supported LVGL version of SquareLine

Which LVGL version does SquareLine support? v7 or v8 or both?

The exported files are for 8.2

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Confirmed :slight_smile:

You can see at the beginning of the exported ui.c.

The LVGL now moved to v8.3.0. Looks like event call functions now works different. Do you mean we need to downgrade to LVGL v8.2? Is it possible to keep and use the LATEST LVGL version with SLStudio?
This is my simple first project Export. The GUI_Snd function cannot be compiled without errors and have a different number of parameters in generated files. What is wrong here?

It was a bug in the exported files of SquareLine. It should work in v1.0.1 with both LVGL v8.2 and v8.3-dev.