Template for ESP32S3 8048S043 - LCD + TFT 4.2 inch

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I created a new template for the ESP32 4.2inch touch screen. When I try to create a project from the template it tries to download the zip file into the board folder. Obviously there isnt a zip file in the repo yet, as I havent committed/pushed it yet etc. The system hangs at this point - its create a file called repo.zip (which is empty) and a folder called temp (which is empty).

I have to set the download folder to the wrong board type in my new template, then it works - so I have to set this line in my new esp32_s3_lcd_8048S043_board.sdb file :

“repository”: “GitHub - SquareLineStudio/board_esp32_s3_lcd_ev_board at v1.0.1

Then I can create a project from my tempalte - is there a better way to do this, as the zip file downloaded contains some files that I also changed for my new board type

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From where does it try to download it?

I think its because when I copied the files for the template I copied them from the existing template

Which contained this line at the bottom of the .slb file

“repository”: “GitHub - SquareLineStudio/board_esp32_s3_lcd_ev_board at v1.0.1

And I added my line like this

“repository”: “https://github.com/SquareLineStudio/board_esp32_s3_lcd_8048S043_board/tree/v1.0.0

So when I added this line in the bottom of the file I changed it to be where my files would end up if I merged them into the SquareLineStudio repo at a later date - so I guess what Im asking is can I skip this line ?How do I set it so it doesnt get used ? Shold you eave this line blank when designing a new baord type ?

Modifying the slb files is neither tested nor recommended :slight_smile:

Instead you can just pack your board as shown here and copy it into the board’s folder of SLS.