TextArea widget issue

Simplify place a TextArea on the screen and add some text. This text scrolled out of the top of TextArea and cannot be viewable [partially] anymore. This happens in play mode and in real application. I cannot find a way how to correct this.
SLS v1.4

See attach proj and TextArea on Screen2. Switch on a play mode. Note: the TextArea text must be scrollable, but initially it must be aligned by the top side of TextArea window.

Test.rar (67.6 KB)

I could reproduce the issue in SquareLine Studio and in MicroPython export, but the exported C codes worked fine, so your final work won’t be affected. It seems the problem is coming from that SquareLine Studio MicroPython code-generator sets the textarea width and height after setting the text, not before, and LVGL doesn’t update the areas for scrolling with these size-settings. I forward this to the respective staff to correct this fast for the next release.