Toggle MENU buttons

Please help, me basic use for Squarelin Studio

I need Toggle MENU for flexible component

This button, is working Fine,

But was is button is don’t working. What am I doing wrong?

The problem with your Event-setting is that you selected PanelMenu(PanelMenu) as target ‘Object’.
But if you want the same function for both buttons (toggling the visibility of the dynamic menu), you should select PanelMenu1(PanelMenu) instance of your ‘PanelMenu’ component as event-targetobject for ‘btMonitor1’ button too.
The ‘PanelMenu(PanelMenu)’ name you selected might be a residue of previous editing/renaming. Probably an issue in SLS, we’ll check it out. Restarting the application and the project might help in your case.

I’snt working with component.

I have a component, which is a panel with buttons. These buttons are like a floating menu.

It is hidden, but when I insert this component on another screen, the toggle button does not work. I don’t know why, although everything is fine. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or is it a program bug?

This ok, is working:

This is not working:

This my component:

This buttons is not working…But was is configured in the screen:

I created an example based on your description and screenshots, it works fine for me. Please check the attached .zip file, maybe it helps a bit: (21.2 KB)

Worked perfectly. And the example is show.


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