"Undo" not working properly


I have been working with Squareline for about a year now.
“Undo” or “Ctrl+Z” has been an issue since the beginning.
This is one of the most basic feature of any software and has been around as long as computers have been around.
How is it possible that we can not fix this issue in Squareline??
You Ctrl+Z and suddenly all your changes for the last hour is gone. This is really disappointing given that we have software updates every 3 months but this bug keeps annoying the users.

Please, Please, Please give this bug a priority. I am sure I am not the only user super frustrated by this bug


I’ve seen this described problem before with paid enterprise software tools written for robotic process automation written by some company called NICE. Its not unique to the industry to do poorly with some of the most primitive areas of software that should never be observed to fail, yet here we are… I do hope they fix it! I observed this problem the very first day I tried the software and thought it was maddening!

The ‘undo’ engine is going through a serious rewriting and this is a long procedure.