Unlock the Power of GUI Development with SquareLine Studio Board Packages!

I am excited to introduce my latest project: board packages for popular development boards in SquareLine Studio. You can find all the details and download the packages from my GitHub repository: GitHub - yashmulgaonkar/SquareLineStudio_boardpackages

These packages are designed to integrate seamlessly with SquareLine Studio. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, these packages will help you accelerate your project timelines and enhance your development workflow.

Don’t forget to star the repo and follow for updates!

Feel free to contribute, raise issues, or provide feedback. Together, we can make GUI development more accessible and efficient for everyone.

Happy coding! :rocket:



Thank you for sharing the result of this work with the community, it’s certainly useful for people using these popular boards. (Hopefully these boards will find their way into the official SquareLine Studio repository too…)

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What is the preferred procedure to make this happen?

I think it just needs some discussion and decision. (And maybe some testing on the target hardware before that if possible).

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Happy to collaborate on this.
All the packages in my repo have been tested on hardware!

@kisvegabor, could you please share the steps for officially incorporating this project into SquareLine Studio?

I’d be happy to discuss this further.

Thank you!

I’m not working at SquareLine anymore so I think @Hermit can help.

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Hi Yash,

Thanks for sharing the board files with us. We only place boards officially approved by the manufacturer in SquareLine Studio. Since we have to keep these in sync with SquareLine Studio and the LVGL version, we are currently unable to support OBP files created by others. But we are definitely looking for a solution for it in the future.

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That’s a bummer, but understandable. Please let me know when you come up with a solution. I’d love to contribute.

Thank you very much, we’ll keep that in mind when the possibilities mentioned above for these boards will be on the horizon.

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