V1.0.2 is released


Mainly to fix the buggy “Save” button in the Close confirmation popup we have published v1.0.2.

See the Changelog for all the fixes.

We still bug reports here in the Forum. Thank you very much for them. We are investigating all of them and trying to fix these initial issues as soon as possible.

This version (1.0.2) is completely unusable for me. The ''Export file" feature does not work, also for the ‘default’ created project…

Upps, a file was missing from the release pack. Please download and install v1.0.2 again.

We still need to improve the workflows. :sweat_smile:

As it was downloaded by only a really few people we didn’t make a new version.

When SLS is started you could see it’s window not fully maximazed on the screen. To fix this behavior I edit the SLS shortcut on my Win10 desktop and set it property “always start app as maximazed on the screen”. Now, at SLS startap it’s main window content is duplicated as shown on pics included. After a few seconds, duplication reset to normal view.
Please, test this. I cannot make a video because in this case this issue not viewable. How to start with SLS in maximazed window mode?
SlsScreens.rar (204.7 KB)

TextArea widget. Placeholder text align set to ‘RIGHT’. Not correctly aligned!

We are working on it, thanks.

It seems like an LVGL, probably we will release LVGL v8.2.1 soon to fix it.

New user here, trying the 1.0.2 linux version on opensuse leap 15.3. The application seem to be starting, but it has issues with network connection. I get an “HTTP error!” on the splash screen, then “ERROR: connection failed!” when trying to login. Of course, networking is otherwise fine, so it has to be something with the application.

Could it be a firewall issue?

Not knowing what it is trying to get is hard to rule anything out entirely. However, on Ubuntu, in the same network, it successfully connects.