V1.3.1 overwrites lv_conf.h each time UI files are exported

What do you want to achieve?

Use symbol LV_SYMBOL_* from lv_font_monserrat40 but #define LV_FONT_MONTSERRAT_40 1
is overwritten to #define LV_FONT_MONTSERRAT_40 0 in lv_conf.h each time you export the UI files from squareline.

What have you tried so far?

building new font using font manager but standard monserrat.ttf doesn’t contain the symbol
#define LV_SYMBOL_BACKSPACE “\xEF\x95\x9A” /62810, 0xF55A/

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You can use this font: https://github.com/lvgl/lvgl/blob/master/scripts/built_in_font/FontAwesome5-Solid%2BBrands%2BRegular.woff

And copy paste the symbols from Font Awesome in the “Text” fields in SLS.

Thank you for your reply.

An additional issue I found was that an empty line was added to the end of the lv_conf.h file each time the files were exported. This is forcing my SCM tool to see it as a changed file when it really isn’t.

I created a power shell script that restored #define LV_FONT_MONTSERRAT_40 1 and removes the new line.

You can also delete the line #define LV_FONT_MONTSERRAT_40 in lv_conf.h and studio doesn’t try to add it back in. You must add it to the project’s preprocessor defines list. However, the issue with the new line remains. It would be nice if at least the new line issue was resolved in future version.


We are looking into it!

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