1.3.0 Doesn't export .INO

What do you want to achieve?

Create a new Arduino based project in 1.3.0

What have you tried so far?

Set board type to arduino. Exported. No .ino is created.

Screenshot or video


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.3.0
  • Operating system: Windows 11
  • Target hardware: Ardunio

I successfully used previous squareline versions to make arduino projects. When doing an export, a UI.INO would be created. However, in 1.3.0, no .ino is created, just the .C files. The library files with the LVGL and TFT_eSPI are also not created.

I do see the release note that “Due the new exported project structure at least the the vX.X.X version of the Arduino project needs to be used from SLS v1.3.0.” - but this doesn’t help, as I can’t create the arduino project at all.

I’m running into all of this as I am trying to update a project that is in a previous squareline version, but this will no longer compile as the structure has changed and now there is an additional “screens” folder that 1.3.0 uses that is not referenced in the older Arduino config.


Could you attach the exported project? It works well on out end.

Apologies, it does work. Been too long since I started a new project, and I was forgetting to do the create template project step.

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