3D Printer Demo - Shadowing

What do you want to achieve?

“Screen 1 Print” has pause and cancel buttons. Going into “play mode,” pressing these buttons will show a nice shadow around the button perimeters. I’ve tried replicating this functionality using SquareLine Studio on a control of my own without success.

What have you tried so far?

Looking at Inspector settings for every widget in “Screen 1 Print,” I haven’t identified a setting to accomplish this functionality. None of the shadow styles are used.

Looking at “ui_Screen_1_Print.c”, I see several lines of code that reference the “LV_STATE_PRESSED” attribute. There are no widget flags for “pressed,” and none of the widgets have the “Pressed” state checked.

I know shadowing works by running the 3D Print demo. In addition, I have replicated code from the demo project into my generated code, and that works too!

I must be missing something obvious in Studio.

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