A component made with keyboard, without setting the target input area, and there are always errors

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SquareLine V1.4.1

I made the keyboard control into a component, and the keyboard inside the component did not have a target input area, which caused this error to persist in my project:

I added an input area that exists on the current screen to the keyboard inside the component, and when I open the project again, it will always display “rebuilding screens” and never disappear…

Can’t we not check the target input area of the keyboard, because I can still set it from program

What have you tried so far?

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Thanks for the feedback. I could reproduce the exact same issue. I’ll forward this info to the respective staff. It will be best if components won’t complain about unattached textareas, as it’s not advised to give a textarea dependency inside of a component, as we can see. Until that please ignore that error coming from keyboard in a component.
As a workaround you can create a hidden textarea inside the keyboard and attach the keyboard to it to suppress errors like this, then make the component out of them. Then you can assign another textarea in your SquareLine Studio project by overriding the internal one. I tried this and works.

Fortunately, to me, the SquareLine project can be rolled back by using the git, otherwise this will always get stuck in the rebuilding screens and there will be no ways to modify the project…