About a license again

Hi! The SLS is a powerful software, unfortunately it’s very expensive for me. However, I made a lot of job with my first example project and get a 5/50 limitation message. Could you please help me to complete my job and expand the license by near a month with 5/500 option? The software trial period is expired. My project is not a commercial, it’s natively as education.

Hey, it was shown to me by the example for the LilyGo T-DisplayS3 board, that you can use Tiles instead of screens, which you can control the navigation of, but only count as a component. Panels can also be used, and dynamically shown and hidden.
A last resort is to design screens in more than one project, and name the screens and components uniquely (unique across all projects). Then you can import more than one set of screens to your C/python code. You either do copy and pasting, or use different subfolders.

Or keep hoping that they offer an educational / not-for-profit rate. Or pay for the shortest period of time possible. (Isn’t there monthly? You could do one month to combine all your work, and another in the future if you need to do maintenance)

You are right in all! The problem is as a beginner I use 18 widjet in my project to handle 6 GUI parametrs. Each parameter consist of a Panel, LabelParName, TextAreaParValue. When all 6 has been placed, I use common Panel to keep it all together. So, the widget count fulfilled quickly. Later, I use 1 Roller widget insteade of 18+1 objects as above.
However, Roller is not so good. I need a ‘list’ or ‘table’ (is better). Hope, we will get it in the not so far future.
But how many widjets need for beginners? According to this my first expirience, the typical project consist of some ‘device mode’ task and ‘device mode parameters to edit’ task. In SLS v1.1.1 users want to complicate a set of widjets to form а ‘list’. As a result, them ask: ‘the LVGL is a free resource, but tools to using it not so free!’ and stop for education with SLS! Hope, the DIY pricing plan need to be updated to ‘5/100’ option minnimum in that case.
Sorry for my English, need more ‘widjets’ to talk )))


We would be happy provide licenses for education, however to prevent misuse of the free education version we can do it only through universities/schools.

That is, please ask one of you teachers to contact us and we can provide them some Small business-level licenses that they can re-assign to the students.

Do you plan to prepare some ‘flex’ licenses for ‘beta testers’? I hear about this anywhere in Internet…

Can you link some examples to it?