Alignment of clock hands

What do you want to achieve?

I’m probably not getting the idea right but I want to align some clock hands (hour, minute and second) so that they rotate around the screen origin (0,0) in order to replicate the movement of hands in a clock. You might recognise the clock design as a Swiss railway clock, so its guaranteed to be on time :slight_smile:

The minute hand should be aligned nearly correctly, the hour hand is slight off and the second hand seems to be hiding. Those bits can all be sorted, a second rotation of the second hand and proportional is what I’m after.

You’ll notice that the pivot point of the hands aren’t at the end of the hand but slightly inboard.

What have you tried so far?

adjusted settings on pivot point although I think I might be missing the point.

Screenshot or video

here’s a start point

and a rotation of 900 at pivot x=0, y=0 for the hour hand

as I say I think I’m missing something about the parameters. So could do with a quick steer on making the hours rotate about the screen origin. If it helps the inspector is as follows:
Note: new user so only one graphic can be added…image of output to follow


x= -41px y= -38px
width 163 height 128


pivot x = 0, y=0
rotation = 900


  • SquareLine Studio version:
  • Operating system:
    Ubuntu 22.10
  • Target hardware:
    Lilygo T-RGB 400x400px that will go into an old aircraft instrument. Software will use a NTP clock so if there are any similar projects I’d be interested in learning off them.

Here’s the output


Could you attach the project so that we can reproduce the issue?

Will do… not sure how to do it on here so just made a github repo if that helps. Really appreciate you looking at it

btw I don’t think this has anything to do with a problem with the software.


We will try it out, thank you!

Hi, among the SLS sample programs, you’ll find the Smartwatch demo, which shows you how to create an analog clock in the software.