Animation - question


I want to use simple zoom animation with PNG file, but when I want set event to play this animation, I get following information bubble. What does that mean? I looked at docs, but there is no information about it.

It is interesting that, if I setup this animation and I try it, it does work how I want it, but player just increase the size of the image.

Here is little demo:


Many thanks for clarification.


It’s because when you add Play animation action the first widget will be selected automatically as target widget. It can happen that it’s not an image widget. If you select an image related animation SLS warns you that it can’t be applied to the selected widget.

We will quickly fix it by selecting “None” widget by default.

Ok, thank you. Will fix make it to SLS 1.2 please or is there any warkaround?

Yes, it’ll be fixed in v1.2

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This did not make it in to the 1.2.0 release, am I right? I tested my project with 1.2.0 and problem still persist.


What we have fixed is that when you add a play animation event there is no selected target object by default. Therefore the error message won’t be shown by default, but only if you select a non-image target for an image animation.


Oh, I see.

Could you please advise me, how to make button in player behave same way as when I play animation. I though that, if I setup action and I play animation setup like this with some object, object will increase and decrease its size as in animation.

Many thanks for your help!

@kisvegabor sorry to bother you, but do you have any suggestion? thanks