Animation types:5 animation characteristics?

What do you want to achieve?

I want to find an explanation of the “Animation Types”

What have you tried so far?

Searching and reading the (very lacking) documentation.

Sum total of documentation I have found:
“ * Animation types - In properties you can choose from 5 animation characteristics.”

So what are each of the five various arcs and swirls supposed to represent in terms of “animation types”? Trying each, I can’t decipher them.


Very clean on many gui creators systems. Characteristic define speed variations : linear expo bounce … For example bounce when you set anim x from 0 to 100 real anim go to 120 and back to 100 on end …


This is clear?

We can now take LVGL docs about animation paths as a source of information. The paths shown in the above picture from left to right correspond to these LVGL paths:

  • lv_anim_path_linear: linear animation
  • lv_anim_path_ease_in: slow at the beginning
  • lv_anim_path_ease_out: slow at the end
  • lv_anim_path_ease_in_out: slow at the beginning and end
  • lv_anim_path_bounce: bounce back a little from the end value (like hitting a wall)

Thank you.