Animations issue

I try animate Arc size change , but this dont work in SQS

howto handle animations on object group with real values control?
For example Arc value in size anim time controled over encoder showing in zooming Arc.

EDIT1 : On my work PC anim works ???
EDIT2 : For anim created in SQS is completely impossible add ready callback !

What do you mean by “real value control”? Using a runtime value from a variable?

I miss target now animation works, and real value i mean for example label text updated with arc value in animation time. This too works except label text not zoom.
For example hierarchy
ARC - Label
. - Panel
. - Image
When anim start change width and height ARC , child objects need zoom too.

That’s a zoom feature which is supported in LVGL using lv_obj_set_style_zoom().

“lv_obj_set_style_zoom” lvgl - Google Search

Ah sorry: lv_obj_set_style_transform_zoom

OK then why isnt available in Squareline animation ?

I need to ask :slight_smile: