Animations not working

Hello, I’m trying to make a UI with SquareLine Studio for a mobile phone, but for some reason animations don’t work at all. See here how it looks in SquareLine studio, and here how it looks on real hardware

The problem is that your text does not descend from the top? If so, think that problem is with the time when screen is white. Did you try to put delay before animation start to see if there is difference?

In the video you can see the text does appear abruptly, and so does the bottom text and also the spinner, while they are made to fade in. It is not from the display being white, the UI is initialized after the display fully loads and is ready to display the framebuffer.

Edit: I have noticed the bottom “Loading” label is completely missing while running on hardware.

As the spinner animation and the screen transition has good timing and a decent FPS I assume there are no issues with

  1. the tick of LVGL (lv_tick_inc())
  2. the performance

The missing “Loading…” label is really strange.

Could you try out these:

  1. Enable LVGL’s logging
  2. Print the coordinates of the “Loading…” label periodically.
    E.g. printf("%d\n", ui_label_loading->coords.y1)

Thank you for your reply.
I found that using LVGL version 8.2.0 makes it work, but a strange thing is for some reason on the Arduino with TFT_eSPI, it shows that it is compatible with LVGL versions 8.2.0 and 8.3.2, but in the “Project Settings” tab I can only choose 8.2.0.

Screenshot from 2023-01-31 15-16-36

I am only using this premade platform for the UI files, not for the premade project. I have my own project with my own display driver. Will the C file output of other platforms that support version 8.3.4 work in Arduino IDE?

This versioning issue is different, we will look into it.

If you export only the UI files, it will work with any v8 LVGL version.

I have added my own board using OBP, but I’m still getting these same issues.
Even using one of the pre-made boards with same display specifications and LVGL version, unusual behavior still occurs.

List of of unusual behaviors:

  1. Panels have odd bands before the curves
  2. Some animations are completely broken
  3. Again, the label on the bottom of the startup screen is missing

Added video clips for additional information.

The background image is like this because of non-matching colour settings. I can fix it.
The discolouration isn’t the border, rather what’s leading to the border.

Could try our what I have suggested here?

Okay, I managed to figure out what’s causing the issue. In the log it said LV_COLOR_SCREEN_TRANSP needed to be defined for something, I defined it, and now it works.
Now I get this warning: [Warn] (4.800, +4) lv_draw_sw_layer_create: Cannot allocate 14720 bytes for layer buffer. Allocating 6144 bytes instead. (Reduced performance) (in lv_draw_sw_layer.c line #60). How do I fix it? My target board is with I.MXRT1062, so I should be able to allocate about 512k more to LVGL if needed.

Just increase LV_MEM_SIZE in lv_conf.h.