Any plans for Squareline Studio to use M5Stack devices?

I am considering looking into the M5stack devices, specifically the M5Stack Core2 ESP32 device and am curious if you are considering adding these boards to the config?

I might take a look at adding some in the same way I added the LiluyGo T-Display in the Arduino section but would be keen to know if SLS already supports these devices. I guess it does as they are ESP32S3 boards and can be used in the same manner as any other ESP32 board.

Just thinking out loud here folks… :slight_smile:

Thoughts @kisvegabor ?

Similarly to LilyGo it’d be really great to have support for this boards. I’ll try to find the MD5stack guys on Embedded World too. :slight_smile:

I have decided to buy an M5Stack Core2 board and see how it goes. Just love to play with these devices, and hopefully I will find a way to get it to work with Squareline Studio. I’m sure I’ll have loads of questions to ask in the same manner as I have on my journey with LilyGo :slight_smile:

Enjoy the conference.

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