Arabic and RTL support

can anyone advice how to add arabic fonts to square line studio … i know that LVGL support RTL but there is no any documentation on how to type arabic in square line studio.

You can create a new font on Font panel.

Be sure to set the range of the Arabic characters:
Reference Wikipedia

See the range field in SquareLine here:

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After adjusting the character range, I get this message

(Font conversion error :2 check console for more information)

Knowing that I have tried all ranges

I do have the same issue … i dont know how to add the Range correctly …

I tried
0x0600-0x06FF … tried to convert it to decimal

anyone help please

You need to add the Presentatin forms as well. So
range = 0x0600-0x06FF, 0xFB50-0xFDFF, 0xFE70-0xFEFF

Also don’t forget to to set that font the your have created on the label.

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So i can add multilabel ranges, did not know that …

Thank you, it did work well

still have some issues with some letters that appears wrong but i think that i need to modify the range till i get it right … thanks alot.


I dont know if this is a bug or that i am missing something … i add range from 0x00000-0xFFFFF

i think this huge range will cover it all … but still i am having issue with correct display of
arabic isolated , initial , medial , or final letters … all letters are there but i need to add letter before or after for it to show …

Solved …

I was using Fonts From Google Fonts … the issue was there

I googled for UTF8 arabic Fonts … and used arabic fonts named " Arial " it worked fine …

thanks kisvegabor for your support

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Happy that it’s working now.