ARC Reverse Mode

What do you want to achieve?

Display two arcs, one in normal and second in reverse mode. Change values on click or sliding knob.

Arc in normal mode works as expected and value of indicator changes.

Reverse mode arc indicator changes value, but flickers. Seems to show normal mode indicator for short period of time.


  • SquareLine Studio 1.3.1
  • Operating system: Win11
  • Target hardware: Custom

It’s already fixed in LVGL v8.3.10 which will be part of the next SLS release. As a workaround you can manually update LVGL in your project from GitHub - lvgl/lvgl at release/v8.3

Thanks a lot for your advice. I have updated to V0.3.10, but issue still exists.


Looks like touch positions are not handled correctly in reverse mode.

Normal Mode behaviour:

  • can move knob and indicator follows
  • can touch background and indicator rises
  • can touch indicator and indicator lowers

Reverse behaviour:

  • moving knob flickers indicator and partly moves opposite direction
  • touch on indicator increases indicator and sometimes jumps back to touch position
  • touch on background decreses indicator and ocasionally jumps back to touch position

By the way… Squareline Studio Play Mode also shows this odd behaviour.

Any further sugestions to fix reverse mode?

Not nice, but I am thinking about using arc in standard mode with inverse coloring and inverse value setting…