Autosave does not work

I have been designing newly added screen for 1,5 hours.
Seen meesage about autosave many times.
Closed SquareLine Studio without explicit saving the project, thinking that autosave feature should work after few years of software development; but later opened the project and could not find my previous changes. Tried looking thru project files and found events I created in file “”. Other files have no any information I expexted to see.

SquareLine Studio 1.3.4 on Windows 11.

Autosave only saves backups into the project’s autosave folder, it doesn’t save the edited SquareLine projectfile. You need to save that manually. Corresponding documentation: Preferences | SquareLine Studio
Autosave - The software automatically saves the project periodically. The rate of auto saves can be selected from the drop-down list. The created back files can be found in the project’s autosave folder.’

this is not much help. How do you recover these autosave files? I unzip, drag and replace the spj into my folder but it’s still a way old version.

I can say the same here, the auto-save interval can be set to as minimal as 5 minutes in the preferences.

The problem is that autosave will not save new screens, added after opening a project while user will not save it explicitly.

Thanks for the feedback regarding this, I can confirm that screens not saved into the project-file are not auto-saved. I’ll inform the respective staff about this.