Better UI/UX for SLS

What do you want to achieve?

Make more user friendly UI.

  1. When I´m at login page and I fill email and password I would expect that hitting Enter key will push “Log in” button, but instead of this it jumps back to email field.

  2. When I want to revoke licence and I click at revoke button, nothing happens. I would expect that I will get some sort of confirmation or that this button will disappear/change to something else. You will find out that your licence was revoked, but this would be less confusing, if there would be some notification or change.


I agree with both and will fix them in the next version.

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Would be possible to highlight or recolor style sub-section in Style Settings if there is something changed from default? It is very tedious to expand every sub-section to find out if there is change of the settings.

I was exploring your examples to find out what settings is applied and which settings is influencing part of the project, and I think this would help a lot to save time.

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Yes, we also see the need for it any will implement a solution for this problem.

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