Boot screen (Arduino/ESP32)


I’m trying to have a boot screen to show while in the setup phase (Arduino/ESP32). But it will only show/flash when the code reaches the loop.

Any hints ?

I have very limited knowledge and was also trying to achieve a similar thing that you are mentioning.
I created the below-mentioned post on the LVGL forum, but no one helps.
Force Display Update with Blocking Functions - How-to - LVGL Forum

As you might be aware that the function lv_task_handler is needed and is usually called periodically in the loop function and then only the display will update, so this means that in the setup function we can’t display some booting type screen.

And then I did a workaround, you can see the below-mentioned video.

Here at power-up, the ESP32 will scan for all the available access points, which takes around 5 seconds and I hide this waiting time under the progress-bar animation, but I didn’t perform this task in the setup function, instead of that a simple switch case base state machine is prepared, and in the initialization state this is done.
If you like you can refer to the same.
The project is available on GitHub (maybe it will help u a little).
Unfortunately, the forum is not allowing me to post two links, so you can get the GitHub link from the video description.


I will look that up and give it a try