Bugs in project

Hello. I’m having a problem with the SquareLine application, namely saving a project. When reopened, all objects disappear and it is impossible to interact with anything

  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.0.3
  • Operating system: windows 10


Can you zip and attach your project?

I have also lost work in v1.0.3 after saving, closing the app, then reopening at a later time. I have not posted yet as I have not been able to replicate the issue.

тз.rar (89.0 KB)
This is a fairly simple project, but this error is present there

We have found 3 independent problems here:

  1. It seems Cyrillic letters in the path are not supported very well. Please be sure that your project is placed on an path containing only ASCII characters.
  2. Naming widgets to reserved words (e.g. for, if or time in your case) caused issues. We will fix it in v1.0.4.
  3. Widgets are clipped to their parent.

In v1.0.3 we added a “backup save” feature. In the project folder there is backup folder with the last 10 saved projects.

This is good to know. If it happens again, I can report back with the old and new save to replicate the issue.

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