Bugs: Widget won't create properly

Recently I’ve been working on a lvgl project with squareline studio and I’m just getting start with it.
but when I want to create an widget, Instead of creating proper widget on the active screen, it just make a single dot like item on my top-left side of my screen. The widgets are not functioning properly.
What should I do to deal with the problem?

Screenshot or video


  • **SquareLine Studio version:1.2.2
  • **Operating system:Win
  • **Target hardware:esp32 with platform io

Hi @Van,
We found a bug in the latest version: If your image file name start with number and end with number can cause a problem. Temporary fix: Please rename the image (just insert a letter in front of the filename).
We will release a hotfix soon.

fixed! my many thanks
And I hope the hotfix will come out soon.

having the same problem with images named “wifi-0.png” … “wifi-4.png”

– pry

FYI, it should be fixed in v1.2.3.