Button click event not updating label text

What do you want to achieve?

Label text to update on my hardware as it does in SLS “play mode”

What have you tried so far?

I added an event to the button to update the label text.
I tried adding different events for “checked” and “unchecked” but I get the same result. It works in play mode but not on the hardware.

When debugging on the hardware I verified that it’s hitting the line in the ui.c file:
_ui_checked_set_text_value(ui_LabelStartButton1, target, “STOP”, “START”);

Screenshot or video


  • SquareLine Studio version: V1.3.1 LVGL version 8.3.6
  • Operating system: Windows
  • Target hardware: STM32F769I-DISCO development board

Well, I honestly don’t know what happened, but when I build on my home PC it works on my hardware.
Not sure why it’s not working at my office, but I’m sure it’s not a bug.

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Ok, I’m back at this. I was tricking myself when I thought it was working correctly when built on another computer.

It’s doing the same regardless of where I build it, but what IS happening is if I switch screens and then switch back to the main again the button text updates properly.

Maybe not a bug and I’m just missing something, but if anyone has any ideas where I should be looking I’d appreciate the help.

Figured it out… I needed to “load” the screen not just initialize it.

I was just doing this…

I added this right after and all is working well now.