Button matrix with text area in SLS and size of the decimal part in text area

What do you want to achieve?

  1. How to display text from button matrix to text area in SLS 1.4.0
  2. How to make the font size of decimal places in the text area smaller than the integer numbers

What have you tried so far?

It looks like the feature is missing in SLS 1.4.0, is this correct?
Is this possible in lvgl code?

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  • SquareLine Studio version:

  • Operating system:
    windows 10

  • Target hardware:

There’s no such special number formatting feature (like fractional part with smaller font) in LVGL or SquareLine Studio. My best bet is that you make the textarea used by the keypad hidden (with that you lose the option to click into its certain position for editing), and you create two labels, one for the integer and one (with smaller font) for the fractional part, then use lv_label_set_text_fmt() functions to display the full floating-point number’s separated fields into the integer and fractional labels.

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