Can data be inputted into SL screens

I’m trying to recreate a GPS program that runs on an esp32, gps module an oiled screen. Can I input data from the ino code into SL? Do I use a TextArea or Label field to display the data? Where do I put the ino gps code?

Too much for an old non programmer to understand.

Thanks for any advice.

Yes, it can. Thanks for all the help.

I guess meanwhile you figured it out. Just a little correction in the naming to avoid any confusion: SquareLine Studio itself can’t get any input-feed back from LVGL code, it’s only taking part in the base-GUI creation process. It is the exported LVGL-code which I think you mean. Yes that can have labels made/prepared in SquareLine Studio that can be updated dynamically from a sensor-value/etc if lv_label_set_text_fmt function (with the numerical input-data as its 2nd argument) is called in the main loop frequently.

Thanks for your explaination. Yes, I am using a gps module to update the SLS UI screen. The gps code is running on an ESP32 (LilyGO T4 S3 AMOLED screen).
I wish I had your explanination before I got started.

As a follow up question, how do you determine which Dropdown item has be selected. I need to read that selection in my loop() to impliment a function. Any suggestions?

Usually you should set a VALUE_CHANGED event triggered callback function set in the SquareLine Studio project for the dropdown-widget and get its object-pointer (‘target’ with lv_event_get_target function from the ‘event’ parameter) and value (lv_dropdown_get_selected...) within that function (in ui_events.c), and perform the dropdown-widget’s own task accordingly. (In LVGL it’s also possible to assign the same callback-function to several dropdown-widgets and decide in that function about the action to perform depending on the caller widget (‘target’).)
(Getting dropdown values continuously within mainloop is not the optimal way but if you want to do that it’s still doable with LVGL in the exported code.)